Limited collectors edition vinyl only release from the Berlin based party Sol Asylum.  From early releases on Tenax and Material, Julie Marghilano has been busy for many years, but now she has stepped up to Sol Asylum with this highly developed release that shows her to be an intriguing and downright exciting producer in the field of experimental house and techno. "Let It Go (Part 2)" brims with fascinating detail and energy, while remaining delicate and warm at the same time. "Soul Print" is a more dreamlike affair that uses subtle layers as a backdrop to poignant guitar strums and Villalobos-esque percussive splatters, while still knowing how to work the more distinctive grooves into the track. The first part of "Let It Go" is equally magnificent, using a more scattered broken beat but keeping the sweeping melodies in place wonderfully.

Julie Marghilano - Let It Go feat. Ilhem

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