Sol Asylum's follow up to the wildly successful Long Time Coming is finally here to allure music enthusiasts around the globe. This time around Dilated Pupils, a collective group of likeminded friends from the Netherlands have created a distinct mesmerizing atmosphere with an infinite labyrinth of intricate raw grooves and evolving dream like synths. A haunting yet luminous collection of tracks tightly binds together the three-track entry with a remix from Birdsmakingmachine.


“Lost Evidence”is a mystical yet transcendental experience with a modern flair of retrospective exploration, as we travel through the evidence locker we discover twilight synths, organic percussion, and compelling hats. All tightly woven together with a dynamic bassline that keeps the track moving without losing its deep vibe.


“Alco B” presents a different vibe from the first venture with a tight dirty percussive groove with sparkles of a bubbly unconventionally timed synth, and a bass that has a live electric feel that showcases their moody one-take jam sessions.


Birdsmakingmachine's interpretation of “Alco B” displays an alternative concept of sound design with its ghostly euphoric synths, complex futuristic drum patterns, slowly emerging soundscapes and a cosmic pulsating clap that has become a humanly mechanical signature of their deep soul.


The last stop on our journey is “Broken Amp” this time moving away from the dance floor and into more experimental territory with vintage lo-fi ambience, melancholy morphing synths and a continual progression into a hypnotic forth-dimensional portal to distant lands.

Dilated Pupils - Broken Amp

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